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What is done at a Y2K computer audit/update ?

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  1. Test to see if the components of your systems such as the bios and CPU clock are Year 2000 compliant
  2. The system date is set to display date information with a 4-digit year
  3. Operating system (Windows 3.x, Windows 95/98, Windows NT) is tested to be year 2000 compliant.
  4. Y2K patches or updates are applied to the operating system.
  5. Core main applications are verified to be year 2000 compliant through the manufacturer
  6. Y2K updates are applied to the core applications (if available)
  7. The system is searched for files that may not me year 2000 compliant and a report is generated


What can I do to be ready for the year 2000?

  • There are several things you can do to make your transition to the year 2000 easier:
  • If there are any reported files that are to fail the Y2K test you must go open the files and make sure the year date is correct and is in 4 digits.
  • When creating new documents and adding dates into them make sure the year is displayed in 4(four) digits.
  • All hardware manufacturers recommend that the computer is shut OFF during the time of the date transition. After the new year begins turn your computer ON and verify that the date is correct. In some instances it may have to be set manually.
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What does Year 2000 Compliance Mean ?

The computer date changes from 31/12/1999 to 01/01/2000 and is able to handle 4 four digit year code. The computer date will change from 28/02/2000 to 29/02/2000 for the Y4K leap year

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Source Code Issues

This form of date dependency lies in the actual design of a program. Some programs automate the use of dates, for example, as reference numbers on invoices. If the program is not year 2000 compliant these date stamps will be useless, and the data they refer to may be invalidated.

Another concern is programs that use date numbers as flags in the code. If numbers such as 00, 98 or 99 have special meaning and a year is entered or imported as 98 or 99, the program may cause data corruption or loss or it may abnormally terminate because of this misunderstanding.

Some programs store date information in a library file or run-time library (.DLL). Sometimes the library files released with the product will not work properly with the program. A newer library file should be obtained but beware of incompatibilities that may cause discrepancies with the program dates already stored.

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